About us

  In the words of famous trader and philanthropist Bruce Kovner, “Market Analysis is like a tremendous multi-dimensional chess board. The pleasure of it is purely intellectual.”

  Most of the time, humans may overlook the mathematical universe that governs the laws of the world. The purpose of trading has always sought to discover the true valuation of an object in order to ensure profitable outcomes. The digital concept was an opportunity for humans to set their minds to the proportions of things and the orders of magnitude. Our modern world integrates algorithms, digital passwords, and other mathematical programs. They are present in our daily lives as invisible ideas that expand into the world’s most reclusive sphere. Nowadays they are everywhere, indispensable and inseparable from our lifestyle.

  The stock exchange, much like the scientific community, is ahead of its time, anticipating the future with figures; while it’s seeking to protect us from economic disasters in an increasingly complex globalized system. Financial market players are diverse and varied. From institutional powers to private investors, the range is wide.

 To be successful in trading, which is also long-term strategy, you will need to be armed with a professional working environment, designed for professionals. High finance and the market of futures are seen as a business of a closed elitist environment. It is they alone who are able to influence the prices. Especially when the CFD market appears reserved for beginners, the vast majority of whom will eventually lose their capital invested. Wave to Markets aims to bring sense and prosperity to these two antagonistic worlds, and bring them together. In order to win the “multi-dimensional chess game”, you need a broker who does not reinterpret the price making, without commissions, at competitive spreads even at market closing times.

  At Wave to Markets, this issue was and will remain our primary concern, therefore we modeled the underside of our LIVE live market account and made the rare bet to win our customers.

Guillaume, co-founder of Wave To Markets